Windows XP admin account help

By ak47gman01
Jan 3, 2010
  1. Im mark. I Was on my grandfathers PC and he had the guest account turned off. And he had only one administrator account. I Was tired of using his so i created a new account. I Log off to switch to my new account and only my account was on welcome screen. I Clicked in my new account and logged back off and my grandfathers administrator account just vanished. I Dont know why but it disappered. I Tried going on welcome screen and pressing ctrl+alt+delete twice and yes the log in box pops up. I Log in my grandfathers administrator account. And it logs in sucsesfully. But when my grandfather turns the PC off. And when it loads to welcome screen it still only shows mine. I Tried deleting mine but it doesnt give me an option. And for some odd reason both my account and my grandfathers account are both administrator. Please help me! I Am in really really big trouble if i dont get this fixed! Im only 14 but i know alot about pc's but i need help asap with this incedent.
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    Yea, normally Windows doesn't show the Admin account on the Welcome screen (unless it was the first and only account). So when you added a new account, Windows stopped displaying

    Two methods to change it back

    1) A registry hack (if you're careful and comfortable with editing the registry)

    or even cooler
    2) Download tweakui. Then double click C:\Windows\system32\tweakui.exe to run it
    > It allows you easy access to change many user interface options
    > If you simply click Logon in tweakui you'll see a list of user accounts. Simply check the option to show the Admin account on welcome screen
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