Windows XP Home will not load and I do not have a restore CD

By Cmw9999
Sep 22, 2006
  1. I am running Windows XP home on my other system and everything was working fine until I tried to log on tonight and now I get a message that says "lsass.exe - system error - object name not found".

    I have tried to log on in safe mode and to run from the last successful configuration but neither have worked. I do not have a system restore CD.

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  3. Nodsu

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    You can ask your computer manufacturer for the CD. As long as you have a legit Windows license, you are entitled to a CD. You can even copy the CD from a friend or download it..
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    This is true, but you must certain it is the correct version.

    If you have XP Home OEM, it cannot be any upgrade, retail or XP Pro CD. It must be XP Home OEM edition. The version shipped with your computer should be listed on your authenticity sticker.

    Typically, if anyone has a CD supplied by a manufacturer, it is OEM.
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