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Dec 28, 2004
  1. My computer recently downloaded some Windows updates. It updated some security features as well, while it downloaded a newer version of Windows Media Player. I have SP1 still as well.

    Now the problem is... My computer logs off automatically everytime I shut the computer down, and ocassionally when I turn the computer back on, it won't let me log back in, and just tells me that Windows is starting up...
    But goes nowhere! :confused:

    Anyone else have this problem, or possibly shed some light on this for me?

    Thanks in advance...
  2. Link2009

    Link2009 TS Rookie

    "My computer logs off automatically everytime I shut the computer down" Hmmm I think everybody's computer logs out...but for the log-in problem can you log back in at all?
  3. kjmcpo

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    Logging Off...

    Well, maybe I have a problem logging back in... I never had a problem before, and I never noticed the screen telling me it logged me off before shutting down... I guess technically it does "log off" but why does it now prompt for an administrator password? Shouldn't it log in by itself (like it always did before?)... and why does it sometimes quickly bypass that login screen and tell me "windows is starting up." Shouldn't it at least take me to the welcome screen?
  4. Link2009

    Link2009 TS Rookie

    Well you can go to Start > Run > then type control userpasswords2 ...Uncheck the box with "Users Must Enter a password to log-in." ...

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  5. gayamani

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    Windows XP-log off Issue

    I have a similiar problem. Suddenly I am unable to start my computer. The user icon (only one user) appears on booting the PC. When the icon is clicked, it staright away logs off and then nothing happens. The same page with user icon continues. desktop page is not opening. How to fix the problem?

    Please help ma. Thanks.

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