Windows XP not wanting to connect to internet after reinstallation

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Jun 22, 2008
  1. My mother's computer recently recieved a virus. She first said that her computer would not connect to the internet at all, then when I got her computer I noticed (mainly because the background on her computer now said so) that she also had a virus. Because the computer was so slow and I was unable to connect to the internet I reinstalled Windows XP. During the installation where they ask if you would like for it to connect to the internet during the installation it said it was picking up any connection or internet. I did ipconfig when the installation was complete and there was no ip address or anything. I couldnt ping google either. I replaced the ethernet cable to see if that was it and the same message popped up again. Tried reinstalling it again and looked at the boot menu and the message INF File txtsetup.sif is corrupt or missing status 14. Any suggestions?
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    right click My Computer, and click Properties now click the Hardware tab and then click the Device Manager button. Does it show any yellow question marks. Also what brand computer and model
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    did u have the drivers for the computer to reinstall them, did u even reformat the hard drive when u reinstalled the OS?
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    well I checked device manager and everything was fine. I put in the driver installation disk and checked the network driver and it said that it was already installed. As far as the formatting I am pretty sure I did, but at the time my mother was showing me pictures of my sisters wedding and talking in my ear so I might have done it wrong. That is the only thing that I am unsure of.
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    xp not connecting

    It is a dell dimension 3200. When I checked the device manager the other day I looked at the network adapter and also the ports and nothing out of the ordinary was there.
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