Windows XP SP2 Wireless Internet Connected but no internet

By ebtrouble
Aug 31, 2008
  1. Greetings all,

    I have been wrestling with my Dell laptop, Windows XP SP2, trying to get connected to the internet. I have done research on many forums but have yet to make any progress.

    I am using my sister's laptop to post this, which can connect to our neighbor's wireless internet (we both have permission) so I know the wireless is functioning and the router is not in a closet turned off...

    I can connect to the wireless network and the signal strength shows "good". But Internet Explorer only displays the classic "cannot display page" error message.

    I noticed that I am not showing any Default Gateway Address but don't know my way around networking well enough to know if that is significant.

    Connection status: Connected
    Encryption type: TKIP
    Network Name: chicken
    Speed: 24.0 Mbps
    Channel: 11
    Radio Streams: 1
    AP MAC address: 00:1B:2F:4C:F8:A0
    Gateway IP address: Not Available
    Client MAC address: 00:16:CE:37:35:4C
    Client IP address:
    Client IPv6 address: Not available

    I'm very anxious to get this working, and will provide any further information y'all may need to help me. Thanks!
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