Windows Xp wont do a system restore! HElp

By A_DOG73
Apr 29, 2005
  1. I'm running windows xp and normally when I do system restore, it restores fine. I installed a pop up blocker and i must have clicked something that made some ads not appear on my web pages. I tried internet options to reset defaults. that didnt work. I tried to uninstall the pop up blocker to no avail. So I thought ok... Do a system restore.... no prob right. Normally the case. But this time when it says click next to do it nothing happens. It just stays on that screen. I restarted the computer and tried again. Same thing. Any suggestions before I do a full non destructive system recovery? I really dont want to. Help Please
  2. olefarte

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    What pop up blocker did you intall. Was it a well know one. The reason I ask is that I just downloaded and installed a "free" ac3 codec. The moment I installed it I started having problems. Ran HijackThis and found it had installed all kinds of search bars and crap. Took me thirty minutes to get all cleaned up again. At least I hope I'm cleaned up. All I can say is I know better, shame on me.

    You might want to run Ad-Aware and Spybot, then run HijackThis just to see what they show up. Might not be the problem but wouldn't hurt to have a look.
  3. A_DOG73

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    Thanks for replying

    I didnt get any feedback until today so I just did a non destructive system recovery and everything is working great now. I even freed up 5 more gigs of applications and such i wasnt really using. Thanks though. I just have never seen the system restore in windows xp not work. After I did the system recovery, I ran system restore to check it and it worked optimally. Thank you.
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