Winfast A400

By Majestic
Nov 10, 2006
  1. Hello folks. I'm having some issues with my AGP 128mb 6800.

    It's been running sweet since I got it, but today some weird things are happening.

    Firstly I was exiting out of OperationFlashpoint:Finmod, but before it finished going back to the desktop I got black screened. Windows was running in the background, the mouse cursor was visable, when I moved it around it would change as if it were highlighting something. The second time I was looking over the graphical option setting for Dawn of War. Again, as it was about to return to desktop the same thing happened.

    I tried the usual stuff,task manager (couldnt do a whole lot with that since I couldn't see it) Alt+F4 with no luck, so I had to hot reboot both times.

    Nothing has changed on my system, all drivers are up to date as far as I'm aware. I was thinking some sort of D3D thing but that doesnt really account for much. And nothing relevant is showing up in the event viewer (I'm not that great at reading it though)

    Athon XP2600 2.09GHz
    1.25 Gig RAM
    Gigabyte KT400
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