Wintersday returns to Guild Wars 2 and the land of Tyria

By Russ Boswell
Dec 5, 2013
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  1. Bundle up and find your Holiday spirit, because Christmas Wintersday is coming back to the world of Guild Wars 2. The Asuran Toymaker Tixx is spreading cheer once again by piloting his golem-shaped airship, the Infinirarium, to all the cities...

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  2. Bought 2 Collector's edition of GW2...

    Have not played in 5 months because the game is boring and the same everyday. Interplay between classes is all the same, combat is all the same, my character's weapons and attacks are all the same..

    Game has very little dynamic inter-mingle between classes/characters. Remedial even..

    Coincidentally, just adding new land, & new stories does nothing for me. They have added zero value to the game by keeping it so dumbed down. As it stands, might as well go play DOTA2..
  3. I don't know what game you played, Guest, but that's not GW2.
    I, on the other hand, enjoy this game very much. It is a top value mmo with content patches every two weeks, and is free to play after the box fee of $30. No mmo (or game for that matter) can beat that price and the support the game receives. Can't wait for the expansion.
  4. To be honest I love GW2 but they really need to add new cities and dungeons. This living story isn't cutting it.

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