WinXP with IBM ThinkPad T42p won't boot

By uncdwm
Jan 30, 2010
  1. I have a T42p and when I boot it up the initial IBM screen comes up where you can press an F key to go into different modes or BIOS utility.

    But after that the screen is blank and the computer doesn't boot up - just nothing happens (although the battery, power, and dvd drive lights are on)

    I pressed F8 and booted in safe mode and it started listing all the drivers it was loading and stopped at "isapnp" - I went into the BIOS and disabled the USB b/c in the past I would have issues with the USB ports not working but that didn't fix anything either.

    Do you think a virus wiped out my Windowsa or the USB issue is preventing start-up or the motherboard is fried or the hard drive has an issue or something? Is there anything I can do to get the computer on and boot up so I can pull my files off at least?
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