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Wired works, wireless doesn't


Would you Buy an HP Laptop?

Poll closed Sep 16, 2008.
  1. Absolutely

  2. Maybe

  3. Only if I was desperate

  4. Never, even if HP was the only brand.

By hsth4
Sep 6, 2008
  1. I have a home network. The PC (main) and 3 laptops.

    PC is wired Modem-Router-PC

    Laptops are wireless. The 2 laptops are able to pick up the signal and connect.

    The 3rd laptop is XP.

    Wireless-It will not pick up any signal in the networks. According to the computer, there is no network signals within range. (Which it is in range, for when I take 1 of the 2 other laptops that has connectivity in the same location, they pick up the signal just fine)

    When I move the laptop to the pc and do modem-router-laptop with a wired connection, connection is fine.

    Device manager shows PCMCIA card as a yellow question mark (needs correct driver). But I didn't think that the pcmcia card had anything to do with the wireless connection, as the slot in the laptop has always been blank.

    It is a HP laptop, couple of years old.

    Oh, it has worked before, maybe about 3 weeks ago, and as far as I know, no hardware/software changes have been made since then.

    I have even tried to manually enter the SSID and security key, and still no luck.

    I have made sure that I have all the windows update's done.

    HP tech support was no help, as I kept on telling them about the pcmcia driver, they kept on telling me to install graphic/video card drivers.

    Router is broadcasting SSID.

    Any advice?

    Oh, and will buying a PCMCIA card be an alternative fix to get a wireless signal?
  2. hsth4

    hsth4 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Well, I just showed myself that essential IT question everyone should ask 1st.

    I needed to enable the wireless switch on the laptop. It is amazing to overcomplicate things when all it is most of the time is a switch of a button, a restart, or cord unplugged.

  3. hamerboy1

    hamerboy1 TS Rookie

    Good to hear you solved your problem!!
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