Wireless Headphone Suggestions?

By British_Command
Jun 9, 2007
  1. Lately I have discovered that the surround sound system I am using late at night can upset the neighbors :p

    Also it would just be handy if I could own a wireless headphone set (possibly with a mic), I wondered if it were possible for a headset which plugged into the speaker slot and use the mic as an 360 mic or would the mic on the headset not work? may be confusing some people here...

    Anyways I am more concerned about which headphones to buy, Im not too bothered about a mic unless it works with the xbox 360, I would prefer headphones with surround sound well alike surround sound (they say the headphones have surround sound but I cant imagine it being to good compared to speaker surround sound).


    the link above is a "UK exclusive" pair which are made by Philips, they look and after reading about them well amazing, and meet my requirements. Sennheiser I have read are a good brand, if some suggestions of good WIRELESS headphones were to be posted in I would appreciate it so much.
    My budget is a maximum of £120, don't want to spend too much, £70 - 100 would be a fairly good price range for me. Thats around a max budget of $260/270 and a good range of $160 - $220

    Thanks again!,
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