Wireless Keyboard Maulfunction

By NanoGoesMeow
Jul 24, 2015
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  1. Hi. I have an issue with my keyboard. I was just watching YouTube videos while eating cereal one morning. I happened to spill milk on the left side of the keyboard. I took the keyboard's batteries out, ran to the sink and turned the keyboard upside down to let all of the milk out. I got a damp napkin and tried to clean the keys out. I put the batteries back in and my keyboard was acting strangely. It kept pressing 3,most of the keys wouldn't work and some keys typed other things ( if I typed 'a' it would type 'a66jlg').

    After a day, I decided to go to Home Depot, get screwdrivers, go to Walgreens, get Isopropyl alcohol, and clean it. I opened it and cleaned it. I rinsed the keys in tap water to get all the sticky stuff there. After I cleaned the inside I turned it on, (I used a screwdriver to switch the switch) and I pressed on the little rubbery things and it seemed to work. I let the keys dry over night. When I come back this morning I find that the switch on the little Logitech circuit board receiver thing was broken and I cant tell if it's on or off. If anyone could help me, feel free to ask me questions and such. Thanks in advance.
  2. Tmagic650

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    Did you have any luck with this?

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