Keyboard / Mouse Wireless keyboard overheating


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I am curious if this has happened to anybody else. I have a logitech wireless keyboard and mouse hooked up to a three year old HP notebook that is then fed through my 46" Sony flat screen. My wife was on the internet when she noticed the keyboard stopped working. As she was trying to get it working her wrist touched the wrist rest on the bottom of the keyboard and it was so hot it burned her. She called me asking what to do. I said take the batteries out so she flipped it over and then noticed the battery door was starting to melt. She pried it open with a knife and popped out the batteries with said knife. One of the batteries was still very hot half an hour later when I got home. Thank God we were home. I hate to think what could have happened.


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I've never heard of that happening, but I always use wired ones so they only come on when the computer does!!! :)


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That is certainly weird. AAs shouldn't have enough power to cause a household fire in something like a wireless kb though. I base this on my expierence with C cell NiCads with RC cars. I had a friend short out a 7.2V pack in about 1993, and it melted the shrink wrap, and smoked some, but no fire. To get that hot, something shorted out, maybe it was a battery defect, maybe it was a kb defect, but I think regardless, you weren't going to light up the world with a fire from that. I'd try to get what you can out of the warranty on the kb, or perhaps even the manufacturer of the AAs you used. But I don't think you are going to get the reaction you are hoping for.


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I plan to notify Logitech to give them a heads up. I am actually surprised it lasted as long as it did (three years +). It usually sits on the coffee table or the arm of the couch and has seen it's share of spills. I only use that machine for Netflix or Hulu.