Wireless keyboard stopped working

By inalambrico
Jun 13, 2010
  1. I am running Windows XP Professional Version 2002 Service Pack 3

    I had a Microsoft wireless comfort keyboard 4000 for about 2 years and never had a problem. I have the OEM software which is Intellitype Pro 6.1. This keyboard stopped working and my efforts to troubleshoot have all failed.

    I went to my local Frye’s Superstore and found a deal on a Microsoft wireless natural multimedia keyboard and mouse combo. The OEM software supplied is the same Intellitype Pro 6.1

    I uninstalled all the old hardware/software and reinstalled everything fresh and rebooted.

    I have my PC setup with password at boot up and I was able to type in my password, however that’s as far as my keyboard will type. Some of the function buttons do work, i.e. My Documents, My Pictures etc but I just can’t type.

    In device manager under keyboards is “Microsoft USB dual receiver wireless keyboard (Intellitype Pro). It also shows this device is working properly.

    I launched mskey.exe and found the following:

    The only attached device is Terminal Server Keyboard driver. If I uncheck the box “show attached devices only” my Microsoft USB Dual Receiver wireless keyboard intellitype pro – remembered. Is this a problem?

    What do I do next?
  2. Mardell

    Mardell TS Rookie

    I ask the obvious. New batteries?

    Or try a different USB port

    And the receiver is not obstructed

    Last suggestion, uninstall the software, and boot the machine with the keyboard attached

    Prior to installing the software, make sure it is the most recent version, then install it
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