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Wireless network downloading problem PLEASE HELP!!!!

By imhiya2
Aug 3, 2006
  1. Right, i had a linksys pci wireless network card, working fine until one day internet went slow "could play battlefield2 but getting on in the first place was the problem" so i reset router and wireless hub, i even formatted. didnt work, this went on for about a day, then i tried my sister usb wireless network "belkin" worked perfectly so my dad went out and bought me one, worked perfectly for about 4 days then same problem is old network wireless card downloading at 1kb/s. The weird thing is it seems to make it so websites dont open so i reset the router then a few days later i cannot hardly get on sites and if i do im doing at 1kb/s when i should be getting 130kb/s.

    on the laptop the wireless works fine ( using a laptop slot in card by linksys ) not the usb one. i tried the usb ones on other computers still dont work.

    Has my computer broked the network cards or is somthing in my room could be affecting them?

    Also the usb things are G with a b wireless hub but i will be getting a g one tomorrow if that doesnt work im stumpt. i really hope it is the wireless hub and not my computer breaking the network cards and usb's.

    Ideas please of what the problem maybe.
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