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Wireless Print Server

By dakara930
Dec 10, 2009
  1. Sorry for asking such a newbie question, but I'm having trouble finding the right hardware to set up a wireless print server at home. I have an absolutely ANCIENT D-Link DI-713P that I'm using, which still requires a parallel port printer. I've tried a few router/print server combos over the years, yet have yet to find one that is as reliable and easy to put together as my ancient D-Link.

    I recently purchased a D-Link DIR-755 because of its great reviews, and its supposed ability to "Share USB devices like printers and storage with all the users on your network with D-Link's SharePortâ„¢ Technology," yet have had absolutely no luck connecting the router to a (new) printer. I have searched many forums looking for a solution, and came to the conclusion that this was a common problem.

    I love the increased speed of the DIR-755 and would love to have a wireless printer that actually allows me to print large PDF files. Yet in my research, it seems like these wireless router/print server combos are a thing of the past. Does anyone have any advice as to how I should proceed?

    I looked into purchasing a separate print server, yet none of them seems to have good reviews.

  2. kimsland

    kimsland Ex-TechSpotter Posts: 13,810

    What about just getting a Network Printer
    ie a Printer that has Ethernet as one of the connections (not just USB)
    Then plug it directly into a multi-port (Ethernet of course) Router
  3. gguerra

    gguerra TS Guru Posts: 314

    Netgear WGPS606

    I bought a refurb for about $35 although they retail for 80. Although I dont use it for printing (I use it for additional wired network connections in a remote location) I can attest that it does work quite well. If you google it you will find some deals.

    There is also this device
    Linksys WPSM54G
    This is less expensive. Try reading some reviews on this one, I have not used it but it is specifically for printing.
  4. tipstir

    tipstir TS Ambassador Posts: 2,839   +193

    First you got to load the DLINK USB software on each PC
    Second you need to have one PC host the drivers for that Printer. (Share folder or CD for drivers)
    Now connect the Printer to the USB
    Turn it on
    Enable the DLINK USB share software
    It should detect the printer on your network and as you need to install the drivers for this printer. Then you should point the folder or shared CD to install the drivers.
    Repeat the process for each PC on your network, but remember to disconnect from that printer.

    I use to do it that way, then I got DLINK DP-301U mini print servers they have USB connection for the USB printer and LAN connection for your LAN. The wireless version would still have LAN and wireless ANT. This way you don't have to share out a PC to access the printer just the little print server and the printer would be running only. These are easy to setup the have Web admin screens so it's works pretty much like your router except it's main purpose is to manager your printer on your network.
    Then each PC would have to share that printer access one at a time.
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