Wireless Speeds, Please help

By GeekieNick101
Sep 9, 2006
  1. Hello all,

    Yes I been off for like 3 days since I was working on my laptop and there is a cable that attachs from the internal card to the antenna and I accidentally snapped it in half trying to put a part back on anways so I went to wal-mart to purchase a card for the slot and I got one it didnt fit turns out I need a express card not a normal one and they dont have those so I returned the card and bought an USB one and the speeds it reports on windows connection software is 24mbps-36mbps its an 56mbps card and im in a good zone so it should be 56. Also yeasterday the stand the cable modem and router was on feel and landed ontop of th router and modem and the modem does have a rattle sound when you shake it but it still works and doesnt seem slow I tihnk its the usb wireless stick, is usb internet slower? or is it my modem and router? it seems to work fine and doesnt show no damage on them. Please help it would be greatly appreciated.
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