By Thomaslafon
Sep 11, 2005
  1. Hi,

    I have a 4 port belkin router. One goes to one of my computers and an other goes into philips wireless base station. My two laptops connect with the wireless. My problem is that my neighbours are taking advantage of this connection and it slows me down. Could someone tell me how I can put some kind of password on my connection so that only my 3 computers can connect on it ?

    Thomas Lafon

    Ps. : I can't access my wireless base station ip or I just don't know the right ip...
  2. jobeard

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    get the manual to find the corret IP address; should be or very
    close thereto and put this into the URL of your browser as the URL
    You should have the Belkin configurator page

    you need to enable WEP or WAP security; the former is easier

    1) change the SSID to something personal+(2) numbers
    2)set a pass phrase, or just enter something you can write down
    for later: eg: 'does eat oats-kids eat oats-$1.95'
    3)generate the 'KEY' and write it down
    4)set the ADMIN password and write it down
    5)save the configuration and restart the Belkin

    now go to your wireless systems, one at a time;
    set the SSID per the above
    set the key shown from (3) above
    and try to connect;

    if this works correctly, the system will have Internet access.
    go back to the Belkin configurator page,
    get to the security page
    and place a check mark in the box [ ] do not broadcast the SSID
    save the configuration and restart again.

    You should be able to config the other system(s) and get access too :)
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