Withings unveils Activité Pop, a $150 variant of its $450 watch-cum-activity tracker

Himanshu Arora

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Just a few months after launching the Activité, a $450 Swiss-made watch-cum-activity tracker, French health accessory maker Withings has unveiled a new, less-expensive variant. Dubbed Activité pop, the smartwatch costs $150 and goes on sale at Best Buy today in...

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Well at least it looks like a watch unlike all of these other funny looking devices manufacturers are anxious to shove down our throats but I'm still not interested.


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A watch that monitors sperm production ? Never thought I'd see the day. I wonder what fluids it monitors if a lady puts it on... :)
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But does is function well on ships? It would be unfortunate if salt water adversely impacted its function, causing seamen to leave their posts prematurely.


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Are you kidding me?! Watch-cum-activity is a real name??? It was no typo????

Hey ladies wanna look at my watch-cum-activity...