WMP 11 problem in Vista SP1

By eaglestar3
Jul 20, 2008
  1. I'm trying to use Word Perfect 11 on a new machine running Vista Home Premium with SP1. Every time I try to open or save, I get a Perfect Fit Document management window instead of the normal WP file management window. I can't access any files (they don't show up). Perfect Fit is not installed and may not be available for installation. I'm using an OEM copy from the machine the Vista box replaced.
    I had an interim installation on another Vista machine that worked perfectly. The only difference I can determine is that the "good" install was made before SP1 and the "bad" one after. I'm suspecting a registry key is the culprit/solution, but I don't know enough about the meanings of the existing keys to know which one to change or what change to apply (if any).
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