WMP11 and .wmv files

By skeeb · 4 replies
Mar 30, 2009
  1. My question here is basic and hopefully I can get some help. I think my WMP11 is corrupt or just some files are. I cannot play .wmv files anymore no matter how many different codecs I use. I can play them through a divx player though. I even uninstalled all codecs and still no good. I did used to be able to play all of them so you know. Also whenever I do play any videos on wmp11 it usually crashes at some point and I have to exit out of it (it doesnt crash my pc though)
    Any thoughts or anyone heard of this before?

    I have vista64 ultimate edition by the way...
  2. Char_X

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    well, WMP 11 has many bugs...
    Try WMP 10 version or just use another mediaplayer.
  3. bobcat

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    WMP shouldn’t need additional codecs for playing its own .wmv files.

    If you used to play them but not any longer, try re-installing the WMP hoping that it repairs itself.

    Or follow the advice of the preceding post.

    In any case, there are better and more secure media players than WMP. Personally, I hardly use it, for performance and security reasons.

    Some suggestions:
    VLC Player (comes with own codecs and plays everything, even damaged files)
    Zoom Player
    Media Player Classic
  4. Ultiweap

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    WMP11 is very buggy. Sometimes for playing .wmv files it is hard for it to open but you may use the WMP 10 but better program will be that you use Media Player Classic.

    Download the K-lite Mega Pack Codec Pack.
    It will give you some important codecs and media player classic.
  5. Spyder_1386

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