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Woes and Problems with Direct Cable Connection Attempt

By kyger
Mar 21, 2005
  1. I recently bought for $100 an IBM ThinkPad 570with full-up 192 MB of RAM. A steal! A great laptop; small, light, flexible...

    ...and one that doesn't come with either a floppy drive or a CD-ROM drive. You *can* buy these in a docking station; but that station is expensive, and not generally easily available.

    But, said I to myself, hey, it's gonna be EASY! I'll just hook the two computers up (the home system and the laptop) by direct cable connection and slip the files over the LPT1 ports of each computer. Easy! A breeze!

    Er...not yet it isn't.

    Let me describe the other, home, host system first, and then I'll describe what I've done so far and what the problem I'm having is.

    I have a Compaq with a 10gig HD, about 256mb of RAM, and it is running Windoze 2000 Professional SP-3. It has a nice 56x CD-R/RW burner/CD-ROM drive, a floppy, and the standard set of ports (parallel, serial, two USB ports, a video out port in addition to the one being used, etc.). A 56k modem of course. An NIC card with jack.

    The laptop, the ThinkPad 570, has a 6gig HD, a serial port, a 56k modem, parallel port, PS2 mouse port, a USB port, an IR port, two PC card slots, and the connector for the docking station.

    I had a standard (?) laplink-type parallel cable, DP25 male to male, and it plugs into each computer's parallel ports. Each computer seems to bring up the necessary DCC software, and it all seems to configure easily, too.

    I have the Compaq set as the host; laptop the guest. I log on to the host from the laptop, and it goes through various steps logging on to the other computer. The network sharing icon appears in the host computer's system tray, and you can click on it and get information about what is going on.

    But I always run into THIS PROBLEM: Please log on to the host computer, and give your user name and then your password.

    I give the user name. It passes muster, and I am then asked for a password.

    I have no idea what that password is supposed to be. I have entered the password I have used and entered and registered for the user. It doesn't matter. I can't get past this particular checkpoint! ARRRRGH!

    I must also note that I do not have any firewalls operating on either computer while doing this (that I'm aware of anyway!). I have had Norton Antivirus running on the host, and I've never turned that off yet...something to try I guess (I'm at work at the moment and this is something I just figurred out I might try when I get home).

    Any help out there?

    --- Tim Kyger.
  2. RealBlackStuff

    RealBlackStuff TS Rookie Posts: 6,503

    What OS is running on that laptop?
    Try perhaps an older version of Laplink or get different drivers.
    Instead of User name, try the Computer name, and no password.

  3. kyger

    kyger TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I got it fixed and working!

    Er...thanks, realblackstuff; I appreciate your reply.

    I figured it out, and it's really non-intutitive.

    Both computers have to have different names; but both *users* have to be the same name (!).

    Love that Microsoft..! <grin>

    Thanks, all.

    -- Tim Kyger.
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