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By lvl3bomb
Apr 24, 2003
  1. Hey guys, just joined this forum and I must say that the info here is priceless regarding this doom 3 leak....
    I've been looking around here and I couldnt find an answer to a problem I'm having with the leak.

    Roughly 2 months ago (maybe less), I heard about this doom 3 leak, I believe it was extremly fresh back at that time, and I d/led it and ran it and it was working perfectlly (obviously with low frame rates (30-40 or so with no action on screen).
    Eventually after experiencing the game and I had "enough" and decided its time to let it go and wait for the final version.

    Well, right now, I've had this growing need to play this leak again... :)
    The problem is, since then I formated the pc and reinstalled XP.
    Now, when I try to run the game (using tons of instructions, manners, and options) all I get while trying to run it, is a gray flickering screen. I did try alot of fixes that are currently available out there but nothing works.

    I wonder if you guys got an answer that might help me out...

  2. negroplasty

    negroplasty TS Guru Posts: 516   +12

    Have you tried updating your video card drivers to the latest Detonators (43.45) from NVIDIA? If that doesn't work, or you have already done it, try disabling Antialiasing and Anisotropic Filtering; sometimes when games or 3D Apps don't support these, the screen will flicker. If none of these methods work, try updating your sound card drivers; this has worked for me in the same situation (for some unknown reason). Good Luck, and welcome to TechSpot :wave: :wave: ! You can introduce yourself in this forum.

    BTW, have you tried installing DX9?
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