Workable to have both AVG Free & Avast running?

By macx
Mar 16, 2006
  1. Will this work, or not?

    On my personal machine, I've got AVG Free, Ewido Suite,
    Sygate Firewall, Ad Aware SE, Spybot, HJT, Spyware
    Blaster, Spyware Guard. Everything seems to work
    fine together, no apparent conflicts. (I had previously
    lost a couple hard drives using Norton on my old machine
    before I discovered TechSpot, so loaded up with all
    the good recommendations)

    I have heard that although overlapping anti-spyware etc
    apps can be run, that sometimes at least similar AV apps
    won't work at the same time.

    True or ?? Would it be adviseable or workable to have
    both AVG Free & Avast on the same machine running
    at the same time? I want all the protection I can get!

    Thanks for any advice / experience!!!

    On my company machine, they have Symantec AV,
    didn't feel I dared delete that (if by some odd chance
    I'd get wiped out then, I'd burn for it).

    Also, being commercial, couldn't use AVG Free.
    So, with Symantec on there, there are a couple
    features of Avast that won't run. Well, I'll
    take what I can get and blame it on the IT guy
    if I have problems. AND make frequent backups!
  2. JMMD

    JMMD TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 854

    It's not recommended to run two A/V apps at the same time. Programs that work at the file system or kernal level can (and usually will) conflict and cause all kinds of problems.
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