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Workaround needed to make user "View Profile" work with DVDs in Win7

By Poppa Bear
Dec 1, 2009
  1. Can anybody help with this problem.

    Unlike Vista, which retains the view profile for the optical drives, in Windows 7 when a view profile is set to apply to all folders, it works with folders on the desktop, but the profile memory is not applied to CDs or DVDs in the optical drive. All CDs or DVDs open in the "Detail" view, even though I set the view profile to "List" for all folders. This is a throw-back to WinXP where it did the same thing no matter what view profile was set to apply to all folders.

    I'm aware of the shorcut, (thanks to Kimsland :grinthumb), where a folder is highlighted, then the first letter of the name of the folder wishing to be viewed is hit on the keyboard... and it goes to the first entry with that letter.

    This doesn't help unfortunately where you've got a series of folders in numeric order such as: Budget 1, Budget 2... Budget 457... etc. All the shortcut will do is take you to the first entry of folders beginning with "B". Then you have to scroll to the one you want. The list view is much less cluttered and easier to locate the file/folder you want, (in my humble opinion), by combining the short-cut outlined by Kimsland, and then locating the file within the alphabetical group.

    Any suggestions for a workaround would be appreciated.
  2. pcaceit

    pcaceit TS Rookie Posts: 315

    I tried all the tricks and get the same result as you, looks like you will just have to change the view manually using the "change your view icon" on the menu bar each time you view CD/DVD's. looks like we'll have to wait for service pack release.
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