World of Warcraft on Acer downgraded to XP

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Dec 28, 2008
  1. On my new Acer Veriton M410, I downgraded to XP using the downgrade cd provided. When I try to play World of Warcraft, I get an IRQL NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL error with parameters "stop 0x0000000a (0x00000008, 0x0000000z, ox00000000, 0x804fc6c9)". The error message mentioned no .dll or .sys. Is there a way to determine which driver isn't being recognized? Acer Support wasn't much help. They just told me to download all the drivers on their website, which I did, to no avail.
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  3. edawgrules

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    I tried the resolution suggested on the link, but when I type "rdisk /s" it says Windows cannot find rdisk.
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    My apologioes - linked the wrong KB - see here;

    The key things to consider are; "Typically, this error occurs when a driver uses an incorrect memory address. Other possible causes of this error include an incompatible device driver, a general hardware problem, or incompatible software."

    With the ' IRQL NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL error ' I would first suspect a Ram problem.

    Run Memtest.
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    Is it saying something ndis.sys?
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    No .sys or .dll is mentioned. It's amazing that I've gotten better tech support from blizzard and online forums than from acer.
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    I ran Memtest and didn't get any errors.
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