Worth switching over?

By netcvb
Oct 28, 2012
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  1. I've been using google's products for some time now but I've always been wondering if it was worth switching over to microsoft's type of things like outlook and skydrive.
  2. cliffordcooley

    cliffordcooley TS Guardian Fighter Posts: 9,728   +3,701

    You are asking people for their opinions that may not be the same opinions that will match your desires. The only one that can answer your question is you.
  3. netcvb

    netcvb TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I don't mind other people's opinions or else I wouldn't of made the thread.
  4. cliffordcooley

    cliffordcooley TS Guardian Fighter Posts: 9,728   +3,701

    Yep, its worth switching over. I try not to use Google for anything. Windows Live Mail works for me and I'm looking into using Skydrive as we speak. I installed Skydrive with the last Windows Live Essentials update but have yet to use it.
  5. St1ckM4n

    St1ckM4n TS Evangelist Posts: 2,922   +630

    Keep in mind WinPhone and Android differences. If you have any Android devices, using Google's systems makes so much more sense.

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