WoW locking up computer

By merakon
Sep 11, 2006
  1. My computer either hard locks and i need to manaully reset or i get a BSOD. I get no errors in the event log most of the time. The only ones I have got say an infinite loop has occured in the graphics driver or that the graphics hardware is fualty. Ive tried multiple nvidia drivers so i dont think thats the problem and im pretty sure my graphics cards arent faulty.

    Computer specs:

    Gigabyte GA K8N Pro SLI mobo
    Athlon 64 4600+ X2 939
    2Gb Corsair RAM
    2x Geforce 7800GTX 256Mb
    Soundblaster X-Fi
    Enermax 600W PSU

    Things Ive tried...

    Reinstalled windows
    Reinstalled world of warcraft
    Tried multiple nvidia drivers
    Tried 2 BIOS revisions
    Tried updating wireless network drivers
    Tried removing wireless network card and using onboard wired lan
    Tried removing 1 video card
    Tried removing sound card
    Tried changing CPU to an old amd 3500+ single core
    Ran tests on the CPU and RAM

    Everything points towards the video cards being defective but i cant see both of the failing at the same time. I have never overclocked my system and it has always ran fine. Its not just WoW that the crashes happen in, i tried playing counter strike source and it does the same thing. Weird thing is, if i play against bots i can go for about 30 minutes without a lock up, but if i play online, it locks up within 2 minutes usually.

    I can run the computer for hours just watching movies and it will run perfectly. I ran 2 3dmark05s in a row and got 11500 which also suggests that my hardware is fine.
  2. nickslick74

    nickslick74 TS Booster Posts: 575

    Do you have an extra PSU around? You may want to check and see if a bad/dying psu is what is causing the BSOD's
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