Write-protected flash drive w/ Vista

By irenie
Aug 8, 2009
  1. This is my first exposure to flash sticks. I'm still very slowly learning Windows Vista, previous OS was Windows 98, so feel very lost. My flash drive stick is 2g, one time I had 5 pixs from a camera on it. The next time I went to use it (to down load some games I've bought online, but would like to removed for a while to clear the memory space on my c drive) the error message stating that it was Write-protected. It hadn't been write protected originally(or I wouldn have been able to put the pictures on originally), the pictures are no longer on the stick, but I can't put anything else on as it keeps saying it is Write-protected. I haven't found any sort of switch or anything to lock or unlock (like the older floppy disks had) and I can't find any way to clear that write-protected. Again, please keep in mind that I'm in new areas with Vista and these sticks.. I find most items I'm looking for, when trying to fix a problem, totally by luck or guessing. Postings and fixes that I've found seem to involve other OS, or don't identify Vista as the OS used with the fix. Thanks - this is also my first question posting, I hope I've given the needed details.
  2. strategic

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    Are you using it under an 'administrator' account?
    Have you checked to see if it was set as 'read only'?
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