Xbox 360 and Xbox live problem

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Dec 30, 2007
  1. I just bought this Belkin Wireless G ethernet bridge and game adapter
    #F5D7330 from Wal-mart. I didn't want to have to pay the $100 dollars for the microsoft one so i go this one for $50. The problem is i have a secured internet so i saved the setting on the adapter using the software given with it ( this took awhile i had many problems but it finally worked ). Then it said the next step was to hook it up to my xbox which i did. I did a test connection and it noticed it but it said that the IP address test connection failed so i went to more info and it said "Your console was unable to negotiate a lease with your DHCP server." Then i wen to Status codes and got
    error status report
    W: 0000-000B
    X: 4000-1001​
    Y: 0000-0000
    Z: 0000-0000​

    If anyone has had a the same or similar problem or someone who knows what i can do to fix this problem it would be much appreciated if you would help. Thanks!

    i just tried to ues WCN ( Windows connect now ) and it said "Can't save these settings to a wireless adapter. Please insert a wireless adapter and try again."

    I fixed it and i got connection to xbox live no need to post unless you have questions
  2. baSSS

    baSSS TS Rookie

    yo got that same error code

    hi there... just wondering how you fixed your problem.... my xbox360 is connected directly to my cable modem and has been working for the past 2months... just today i had a problem connecting to xbox live.. i tried to test my connection but i cant seem to get an ip, i get that same error code as you.. any info will be appreciated
  3. HarrisGang

    HarrisGang TS Rookie

    Errors / resolved

    Hi - I have the exact same error codes. How did you solve your problem. My network router is from belkin also. I purchased a "pelican wirless gaming adapter for my xbox. The setup via PC went fine. I then followed the instructions how to sedtup the xbox and get the error code.Thanks for any feedback
  4. HarrisGang

    HarrisGang TS Rookie

    Hi John - I was just curious if you found a solution to your problem. I received the exact same message as you.
  5. boostgirl

    boostgirl TS Rookie

    I am having the same pronlem pc setup went fine, i got the same error codes and the same dhcp server issue as well. Please help!!!!!!!!


  6. FirstBreath

    FirstBreath TS Rookie

    Ugh I've got the same problem.
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