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Xbox One's cloud service updates could cause reboots mid-game

By Russ Boswell ยท 13 replies
Nov 6, 2013
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  1. With the Xbox One due to hit stores in less than a month, one would imagine that all of the major bugs and intricate ticks were already washed from Microsoft's upcoming hardware. But unfortunately they haven't. Not according to Xbox...

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  2. m4a4

    m4a4 TS Evangelist Posts: 887   +437

    MS knows better. It will be fixed for launch (especially since the public now knows about it lol)
    spectrenad likes this.
  3. amstech

    amstech IT Overlord Posts: 1,710   +869

    With all the system updates required on both the PS3 and Xbox 360 over the years (some just to make some games/apps work), you'd think people would be more accustomed to this type of thing. Considering all the time and banther-foo-doo a console has to go through before it finally hits shelves I was surprised to hear so many disappointed the PS4 needs a day one update....really, its that surprising?
    Maybe if your a selfish kiddie who wants his shiny toy with batteries installed, but for the rest of us somewhat sane people I admit the backlash I read/heard about was a little surprising.
    m4a4 likes this.
  4. TheDreams

    TheDreams TS Addict Posts: 628   +68

    I doubt it, considering all the other patches that have had to come out after launches before.
  5. *snickers*
  6. m4a4

    m4a4 TS Evangelist Posts: 887   +437

    It's a higher priority fix by the sounds of it, not like I'll be getting one at launch to see :p
  7. With the late 180 changes made to the box...I don't expect anything but day 1 issues. I am anticipating major major problems with XBone180/720p only box.
  8. And I am anticipating major major problems with PS3.5
    But I'm just a guest, what do I know ;)
  9. yukka

    yukka TechSpot Paladin Posts: 855   +64

    There will be issues and caveats with both. Let's sit back and laugh at the day one guys and make our choices once the dust settles (yes I cancelled my xbox one preorder).
  10. I don't get how people can pick what console is better. To do that, you have to play both systems, but you can't as they are not released yet. Can you tell me what is the best car of 2015? No you can't as it's not out yet. Both consoles are going to have good points and bad points. I myself don't really see the value in them yet over what we are playing now.
  11. lmike6453

    lmike6453 TS Enthusiast Posts: 100   +6

    Specs brah. PS4 has better specs and less fees. Besides that, ergonomic matters for controller comfort.
  12. Wagan8r

    Wagan8r TS Evangelist Posts: 599   +56

    Wow. The XBOX ONE requires reboots for OS updates. I've never heard of that concept before! Now, you're telling me that it might just reboot on its own to apply those updates? Radical!! I mean, Windows doesn't even do that!
  13. Chuck Cortes

    Chuck Cortes TS Rookie Posts: 53   +13

    LOL, this is so funny. All the xBox fanboys were grilling PS for having a day 1 update that will activate most of the features the PS4 is supposed to already have and here they are not even sure if they will have an update for a problem that is worse than that of the PS4. Oh the ironies.

    And I have to agree with Guest above, specs mean nothing until you actually try the system out. After all there have been more than enough gadgets out there where the creators showed them off at tech shows yet when the public got their hands on them problems quickly arrived that the creators never had during their presentations. Take the iPhone 4's antenna issue, it happens, you never know if the tech is gonna work till you try it and then you will know which is better. Unless you go against a PC in which case the PC will always be better. :+D
  14. Tommorrows news today : The Xbox One wont reboot why playing a game you can do after you finshed playing.

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