XFX RX5700 DD Ultra Bios Flashing Issues


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After reading through the Techspot article related to flashing the XFX RX5700 DD Ultra to a RX5700 XT, I attempted to do the same thing with my DD Ultra, but keep on running into a SubsystemID mismatch error when using the AMD Flash Utility. I've tried every version of the XFX 5700 XT Bios listed under the Techpowerup VGA Bios repository as well as the XFX Bios Files listed on the XFX site.

Has anyone been successful in flashing this card as indicated on the Techspot article?

Does the bios flash need to be forced using command line to bypass the Subsystem ID check?

Appreciate the help.

Techspot Article

VGA Repository

XFX 5700XT Manufacturer Bios Files


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I flashed the "Gigabyte Gaming OC 5700 XT" vbios on my regular 5700 which is also the gaming oc model, of course, and nothing burnt or exploded, happily, although the cards are so close to one another it's crazy. AMD basically crippled the regular 5700 a little so the difference compared to the XT variant would be bigger.
anyway, I uninstalled the graphics driver before flashing the vbios because your GPU will be read as an XT card after the procedure is over so maybe what I did is stupid and unnecessary but I did it anyway just to give me a piece of mind. After flashing the new vbios I rebooted and reinstalled the latest Adrenalin driver.

You'll see in the video below the program you need to do this and the 2 commands ran in CMD.
Quick disclaimer: if my card didn't die, blow up or banged my gf in the process, it doesn't mean yours is in the same boat. Anything that could potentially happen (hopefully nothing other than more power gain), is not on me or anyone else.

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