XM and Sirius to finally merge in Canada

By Emil
Nov 25, 2010
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  1. XM Canada and Sirius Canada are finally merging their satellite radio operations, assuming the CRTC gives the two regulatory approval. That's right, XM and Sirius never merged in Canada, and now the two have decided it's time to follow their American counterparts, according to CBC.

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  2. jsv004

    jsv004 TS Rookie

    With mp3 technologies and the smartphone, internet radio is going to be the company's doom. Satellite radio is a dying breed, and people that are subscribed, are the people that aren't very tech savvy or got duped into getting it by their car dealer, instead of paying monthly you can get a better service with out the subscription if you just invest in a mp3 with internet access or a smartphone.
  3. You obviously only listen to music when you listen to the radio. To be honest, you could not possibly be more wrong in your assumptions.

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