XP finding log error code info

By galcoolest
May 15, 2004
  1. When I installed XP last week and got on my new DSL I was invaded immediately by local LAN baddies, even though I had a ZAP firewall,antivirus, and tons of spycheckers, registry monitors etc. Because it took time to download the XP security updates I got many bizarre logons from unknown users who obviously had admin privileges before I did and quickly locked me out of my own Network folders. I had to wipe the disk four times--- I do know now how the basic security "users" of XP are interrelated (okay, well I am getting there anyway!) The key thing I hadn't done was to manually download the requisite updates for my XP Home BEFORE I ever attempted to access an obviously insecure DSL LAn- it was really a mess there for a while. My next step is to get a proper hardware tool- a good router- which can supplement my software (ZAP) firewall, antivirus, pest trackers, registry monitors, etc., etc. But I have browsing security set on super high for now, and have been incessantly utilizing all the defensive software that I have However, with the help link on the event error logs in XP disabled and worthless by Microsoft, where can I easily find a layman's guide to the error codes used by MS?? I am getting ANON LOGONS and some other weird stuff with various error codes. Maybe I am not searching correctly, but it would seem such a set of guidelines would be around by this time. And ok, one little rant before I head off: are Bill and the gang really so strapped for manpower and money that they can so unfairly deny users a basic, user friendly text booklet about their OS's and whatnot, updates as necessary on the web? My new Photoshop software comes with a really great book and sensical web assistance. C'mon, these guys have a virtual lock on everyone's personal and professional computing needs, and they leave the consumers basically naked at the get go, and require them to wind through unintuitive help files and techy KB posts just to keep their PCs working at all. Whose third party guide is the best? (A little late now though...). One other thing-- my monitor resolution keeps resetting itself on boot to 8 vs. 32... I change and everything is cool til next reboot. I know I have no KNOWN viruses etc. and the drivers, etc. are fine. What could be causing this?
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