XP Home, cant log in without......

By donjo13
Dec 29, 2005
  1. My friend gave me her Dell Dimension 4400 to work on. The problem is they have 4 sign on logon names. When you select one of them, it seems ok and the other names disappear and it looks like you will be logged in a second, but it just sets there. If I hit ctr-alt-del, it will continue on and log me on. but if I don't it will sit there forever.
    I have defraged, chkdisk'd, used diskkeeper, even did a boot defrag, checked for spyware with ad-aware and spybot search and destroy, did a one button check up with norton systemworks and fixed all problems. It still does the same thing. I even deleted one of the logon names and made a new one to use just for woring on the problem, but it still wont logon. Any ideas?
    It may be related to the fact that I can't adjust the page file. I can put in a number and hit set and it it says I need to restart the computer to take effect, but when I reboot, it still is -0-.
  2. donjo13

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    it was the intel application accelerator. I deleted it and it let me change the page file setting and log on.
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