XP install issues

By Dunnkeeh
Mar 27, 2007
  1. Ok so I just bought a new computer parts a amd fx-62, with 2gb of patriot ram, gigabyte 590 mother board, foxcon 8800 GTS, and a wetern digital sata-II 250 gb hard drive. I used my old computer to partition the drive into two. Then I put it in the new computer and when I tried to install xp it told me that it needed to be formated. So I tried the quick format which locked up. THen I tried the regular format which compleated then restarted, yet it still said I needed to format the drive. So I tried it again then it hung at 100% gave me some blue screen error, and restarted. So then I tried it again this time I loaded the nvidia SATA-II drivers for the mother board. This time it got half way through the format and restarted. I have no idea were to go from here.
  2. iss

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    is this XP SP2?
  3. Dunnkeeh

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    The problem turned out to be the ram, I had to update my mother board bios so it could handle dual channel. It was only wanting to run on one stick.
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