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XP laptop to ME desktop network

By foxypwebdesign
Feb 21, 2007
  1. Hello guys
    I'm here looking for help networking. Before i used bluetooth and mobile internet. Now however I have ADSL and as I'm living in turkey therefore am stuck with sorting out my connection and network.
    I have a rta1320 ADSL modem/router with usb
    I want to connect to the internet off both computers through one connection using a LAN (laptop via ethernet RJ45 and ME desktop via USB cable) and share files too.
    This option is because win ME hasn't a network card and I undertood this method was the simplest.I cannot set up the network on the D/T pc because using the XP further tasks and network wizard ends up with a blue screen error at last step.
    Also I cannot find my way around setting up internet connecting. every time I have to dial my modem via the IP address and connect through the LAN shared connection. I'm not sure about the firewall because when on wireless or bluetooth a connected/firewalled indication is present.
    Now however I only see a connection when the cable is attached and I have connected with the modem. Am I protected by firewall or not?
    This is all very confusing...HELP please

    regards FoxyP
  2. raybay

    raybay TS Evangelist Posts: 7,241   +10

    It appears you are using a Dynalink or similar model of RTL 1320... which is designed to work the way you describe... but it works imperfectly?
    Does your desktop have USB 2.0? Because you will need that.
    I would run the ADSL through the desktop, but then that is where you would need the RJ45 connection and WXP.
    Even in Turkey a 10/100 NIC is so very inexpensive... and even a used one would work.
    You are "protected" by an imperfect hardware firewall... and by Windows Firewall.
    Have you thoroughly researched the guidelines that come with the ADSL or similar router?
    My guess is that your configuration is difficult for what you want to do, starting with Windows ME. It would work easily with Windows XP on both machines... with a NIC card in the desktop and USB to the laptop. Perhaps your ME machine or your laptop are USB 1.1
  3. foxypwebdesign

    foxypwebdesign TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Have I got this right

    Thanks Raybay
    Are you saying try using RJ45 on desktop PC thats running windows ME with a 10/100 and the USB to my laptop which has a PCMIA card with 4 USB2 sockets and two onboard USB1's
    Would this solve the network linking problem of the blue screen on DeskTop PC?
    I was looking on internet before and was suggested running this
    272991usam.exe which is supposed to be a fix from microsoft for the blue screen error.
    You are correct it is a dynalink adsl usb/modem/router and the reason i opted for it was the stats said ok for USB1's which the D/top PC has.
    I would upgrade it to XP but here only Turkish versions are available with menus and keyboard etc.
    Also is it normal to have to go through the main router connection each time i link up to the internet from whichever pc requires. As it seems now neither PC is the host or client and the configuration is just linking the router to the ADSL and I am shown connected/shared/firewalled.
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