XP mystery reboot

By gharvey76
Nov 23, 2005
  1. My XP system has started rebooting frequently. It always occurs during either a mouse scroll or double click.

    I've disabled automatic reboot, but I still can't get a blue screen for more info.
    I've run the Microsoft Mem test (all 11 tests) twice - with no RAM errors.
    I replaced my power supply - no help.

    I can cause a reboot, though not always, by double clicking a shortcut that requires starting an application to load the file, such as double clicking on a .txt file or a shortcut to an Access database, etc.

    The system was stable for months, but both XP and Trend Micro have the automatic update feature selected.

    Best clue so far: I have NOT been able to trigger a reboot, nor has one occurred spontaneously, while running XP in "safe mode".

    Any ideas?

    Additional possibility - has anyone had an experience with a video card going bad and causing the symptoms above?
  2. gharvey76

    gharvey76 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    mystery solved

    I believe it was the graphics card after all.

    I replaced the old Diamond S3Virge with a new Radeon 9250.

    It's been working for an hour, resisting all the sure-fire reboot triggers from before. It was rebooting every 5-10 minutes at the end.

    Maybe this will help someone in a similar situation.
  3. pozzo

    pozzo TS Rookie

    Automatic reboot in WinXP

    I have the same problem like gharvey76. With the old ATI Video Card, my WinXP always reboot when I open a picture. Replace with new nVidia Video Card, OS sometimes reboot when I surf Web. The problem occurs suddenlly with no message although I do disable automatic restart function.

    Should I upgrade BIOS ? Any help ?
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