XP Networking Woes, any advice?

By chocobogo_rct
Jan 27, 2003
  1. This is a weird one.
    I have a LAN set up with 8 PCs all running XP Pro or Home.
    The workgroup is called EMBASSY and all the computers are configured to use that workgroup.
    We have assigned IP ranging from to 0.10 for some reason sometimes some of the computers wont communicate with each other, nothing show up in the Workgroup or "net view" or by pinging them.
    Why is this happening? Is there a fix?
    Also when I look in network connections there are 3 LANS, one with my network card, one with a WAN, and one Video server. I dont need the WAN or video I just want the LAN. Is there a way I can completely remove all the connections, unistall the card and start again.

    BTW The whole network was working fine last nite!!!!
  2. poertner_1274

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    This is an odd problem that I have been trying to figure out my self for a few months now. I am in a house with about 50 computers on my LAN and I used to be able to view people's computers, or even "net view", but a few months ago it quit working and I haven't figure out why or how to fix it. Other people on my LAN can see the other computers, but I can't. I konw there are a few other people who also cannot see all the comptuers...
    Strange problem, hopefully someone has a solution.
  3. Rick

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    Perhaps you should try turning on DHCP, ditch the manual addressing, and make a DHCP server (If you are using a router, this is not necessary because it assigns DHCP IPs for you) by making the server computer

    The other computers will be automatically assigned addresses and if there's a problem with your manual settings, this should fix it.

    If this ends up being a hardware/software problem though, then doing this probably won't fix it.

    Also, the routers I've been in contact with usually have the address instead of So if you are using a router (instead of a hub or switch), then change your IPs to 192.168.1.xxx instead.

    If you are using a router, try resettting it. Maybe it's messed up and a good swift kick will help it out.

    If you are using DHCP to assign addresses and are not assigning IP address manually, then try the command ipconfig /release and then follow up with ipconfig /renew in command prompt (Start/Run/cmd.exe) on computers that cannot connect to the network. This will release the adapter configuration and renew it - HOpefully getting you on the network for the time being.
  4. Phantasm66

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    What are all the subnet masks set to? That sounds like some of your machines have different subnet masks....
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