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Mar 2, 2005
  1. I have four machines on my network, one 2k, one Linux, and two XPs. All four machines access the internet without problem, and the Linux and 2k machines both network just fine. The XP machines will only network in Safe Mode with Networking. In normal mode they either claim they don't have access rights to the other, or they don't see the other.
    In normal mode I got both XP machines to ping after turning off their firewalls. I assume the problem is in XP. How do I get my XP machines to network in normal mode? :bounce:
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  3. fester225

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    I've been through the network set-up wizard several times. Where addresses aren't specified (like my router, they are being generated automatically. All the other basics in the network-basics document have been covered.
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    I don't know XP specifics (am a W2K-user), but you can switch OFF the XP-firewall.
    If you have another firewall, e.g. Zonealarm, you can make entries somewhere to let trusted IP-addresses access your PC.

    In my basics-info nothing is left open to automatic generation. If that is still happening, you must have missed a step somewhere.
    You probably have DHCP on somewhere, and off somewhere else. These need to be OFF everywhere in my example.
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    I'll agree it seems pretty likely I'm missing something basic, but if I am, and the Windoz firewalls are off, why does my current set-up work in Safe Mode?
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    One of the programs that loads in normal mode, is preventing network-access.
    Searchbars, spyware, trojans come to mind.
    Or perhaps you have more than one Antivirus-app or Firewalls installed, and they 'fight'.
  7. kgt12

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    same thing

    Have you discovered an answer to this yet? I recntly ran into the same problem, very perplexing.

  8. fester225

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    Not yet. After few changes in the system have a chance to settle down, I'm going to bite the bullet, pay $35 and have MS help me.
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