Xp pro problems after downloading  sp3

By rott1
Dec 16, 2008
  1. Have a Compaq 2570us notebook- inel pentium -2300 with one meg ram. XP Pro SP3. Running Norton Antivirus 09. Always functioned well. After download of SP2 awhile ago it would not accept a memorex tvl drive which functioned in other computers- went into continuous blue screen reboot cycle only terminated by removing drive.
    Everything still functioned well including all usb periphs except tvl drive.
    Took computer back to basic and reloaded all and was back to good
    ops until auto download of sp3 on Dec 10. Microsoft specialists
    gave standard unistall all usb items and reboot. Noluck--Computer seems
    normal in all respects except rejection of tvl drive- any comments. Thanks
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