XP SP3 will not download, what the thunder?

By mandalamama ยท 7 replies
Apr 6, 2009
  1. so frustrating. i do have a legal version. norton 360 claims they can't help me with other issues since i need to talk o microsoft about this issue. i'd rather not be on the phone for hours so thought i'd try here first.


    when i go into system and manually set automatic updates to install immediately it does nothing. when i go to microsoft.com i get a page that says i can't do it using firefox and to go to another page. when i go there there are no options for firefox users, and when i click on what appears to be the right link for getting updates i get put back on the "firefox users can't use this page" error.

    it's maddening.
  2. OpTiMuSpRiMe

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    microsoft does require a version of IE explorer for use with their update site..so try jumping on IE and see if you can use it..
  3. mandalamama

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    thanks for the reply. :)

    i did try that and IE stops responding every single time.

    i am starting to suspect a virus or malware (even if norton says that's impossible) since i am also getting google redirects and run cmd won't work at all.

    i am working through the 8 steps now. just wasn't sure if this was a cause or effect of the other issues, so thought i'd post the specific-to-OS issue here.
  4. PuzZah

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  5. mandalamama

    mandalamama TS Rookie Topic Starter

    but it says "DO NOT download this file for one computer--for networks ONLY".

  6. Spyder_1386

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    hey i dont know very many mandalas that are momas if i am correct then your my aunt
    if not then i am just looking like an *****.lol
    us giddens's are good at that...
    well anyways i am having sp3 download problems too.
  8. PuzZah

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    It say's don't download it because this download is designed for people updating lots of computers. This is to save Microsoft's upload bandwidth, for example if an organisation is updating 100 computers to SP3, that's 100 computers running Windows Update so 100x~300Mb whereas if you download the aforementioned file, it's 1x~300Mb copied locally to the other machines. Granted, you're correct doing this often is probably not a suitable option but as you're having trouble with Windows update, I'd certainly give it a try. What I do is I download this file once and keep it locally on an external drive. That way I've always got it when I need it.

    For all intents and purposes, this file will give you service pack 3 and you won't notice any difference to downloading it off of Windows update. Rather than Windows update installing the file you're given a .exe to run.

    If you're not comfortable downloading SP3 from Microsoft I'll upload the file to my webserver and you're more than welcome to download it from there if you wish.

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