XP spontaneously reboots

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Jul 9, 2008
  1. My XP computer started spontaneously rebooting. It will boot into safe mode with networking. I have cleaned the dust and unplugged every device. I do not get many bsod. The one I got was the "page fault in non page area". I restored to two previous set points with no change.

    Here are some minidumps.

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  2. raybay

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    Page Fault in non paged area is usually a driver fault. Do you have any yellow or red flags in your Device Manager (Start-> Control Panel-> System -> Hardware -> Device Manager)
  3. pheyejr

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    The computer will not boot up long enough to get to system properties. I have about 60 seconds from the welcome screen until it reboots.
  4. pheyejr

    pheyejr TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Just switched the mem sticks to other slots with no change. Will try them one at a time now.
  5. woody1191

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    This was the cause in both MiniDumps "agahb.sys" but the weird thing is it doesn't show up in Google search. Although one of the process names was this "avgemc.exe" which is AVG Anti Virus Cleaner.
    Also the Bugcheck errors in both MiniDumps are 0x50 errors these can be caused by faulty RAM and incompatible software so maybe your AVG Anti Virus is to blame.
    Boot into Safe Mode and remove it and then try booting up as normal then
  6. pheyejr

    pheyejr TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Just tried the mem sticks one at a time. Unless they both went bad that is not the problem.Thanks for the info.I will try to get the avg uninstalled to see if that is the cause.
  7. pheyejr

    pheyejr TS Rookie Topic Starter

  8. pheyejr

    pheyejr TS Rookie Topic Starter

  9. woody1191

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    Those MiniDumps show the exact same errors with the second MiniDump listing AVG again, the other listing a Java process "jusched.exe". Try going onto the Java website to see if you have the latest version or if you do have the latest version then uninstall it and then download and install it again.

    Oh and next time if you have something to add to your post edit it if you were the one who posted last because i'm receiving a email everytime you add a new post
  10. pheyejr

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  11. woody1191

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    All MiniDumps have the same bugcheck 0x50 and the same cause "agahb.sys"

    Processes They Occured On
    MiniDump 070908-40, MiniDump 070908-41 and MiniDump 070908-44 all mention the process dwwin.exe which is related to software called Doctor Watson or something like that and is used to identify crashes which i guess is what you installed today.

    MiniDump 070908-42 mentions the process ctfmon.exe which is a Windows process.

    MiniDump 070908-43 mentions the process wmiprvse.exe which is a Windows process as well.

    I would suggest running a Virus Scan and Spyware scan if possible.

    Ok i will try to get a bit more info,
    When these BSOD's started had you recently installed any new Hardware or Software?
    Also had you updated any Device Drivers?
  12. pheyejr

    pheyejr TS Rookie Topic Starter

    No new software or drivers or anything new installed. There was a lot of dust buildup inside the case and on the cooling fins. I thought it was initially a heat issue, but have thoroughly cleaned it with compressed air. The first BSOD happened in the middle of the night with nothing running.

    I have only gotten a bsod twice. the first one at night and the second hours and many reboots later. the computer just continually reboots. Using msconfig I have selected selective start up. It will not let me deselect win ini, but it shows it empty. I deselect everything else and it will stay stable a few minutes later but will reboot after about 5 minutes of running. Dr. Watson must be old and leftover, as I have not reinstalled anything today. I have uninstalled avg anti virus and looked over the remove program listing but havent seen anything that jumps out at me.

    It seems to me my xp install might be screwed. I am considering doing a repair install of xp to see if I can salvage it. I have an xp disc not a recovery disc.

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