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Mar 31, 2008
    My Gateway Tablet running xp crashed today (my son was watching a video on youtube)
    I've read many articles and different sites to find a solution for this problem.
    The thing is:
    Most people with this error have intermittent problems and can access the operating system and try fixes. If I try running in last working boot, it fails and comes back. If I try in safe mode it starts listing files and always (10+ times) locks up when it gets to: windows\system32\Drivers\agpCPQ.sys

    I've tried going into the BIOS to shut off shadowing (which I read on another site) and can't find anything to change.

    I have worked on and with computers for years now and have always FOUND a resource that helped me fix my dilemna. Not this time, I have to ASK.. Unfortunately, I just got this computer as a hand me down from my son (many of you can relate to that I'm sure) when he switched to MacIntosh. (I should have gone with him on that but I have too many pcs and too many pc programs and years of struggling to switch now) and I don't have a start-up disk.
    According to the booklet, This is Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005. I've yet to find anything that tells me how to get by this unable to start, even from the last working boot. My most reliable pcs are still running windows 98SE. I'd complain about the software more, but I've noticed that my cell phone reception is not as good as it was 15+ years ago when the phone was in a bag to carry the battery.
    I'd like to thank you in advance for any help you may supply. I am leaving on a trip on Thursday and hope to get this resolved to take it with me.
    I'd say I am between a newbie and intermediate. Many things that routinely go wrong I can overcome and some things like this I don't always know what people are talking about.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you

  2. kwspony

    kwspony TS Booster Posts: 121

    Have you checked your RAM? Maybe even remove/replace it. I had an HP tablet that did that a few times.
  3. scenttogo

    scenttogo TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Checking Ram

    No, haven't checked it yet. Need to find some compatible and swap to try it. Thanks for the suggestion.
  4. scenttogo

    scenttogo TS Rookie Topic Starter

    BSOD Help

    Well, I bought new Ram, installed it and it didn't fix the problem. My computer guru helper wasn't able to help. I cannot get a boot to any operating system, don't have xp disks because it was preinstalled, and even the gateway recovery disk fails.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  5. kwspony

    kwspony TS Booster Posts: 121

    since the driver it stops at is the agp driver, have you tried reseating the video card? You may need to get an XP disc and reload windows. Or at least run the repair utility.
  6. kwspony

    kwspony TS Booster Posts: 121

    Also, have you tried an external monitor?
  7. scenttogo

    scenttogo TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Needed new hard drive

    Thanks to all that took the time to reply.Replacing the ram didn't help except that it made it fail faster because I doubled the ram.
    After trying a windows 98SE disk and getting it to boot, I was still unable to get the restore disk to put my xp tablet edition back in action. So, I called Gateway, spoke to someone in sales and worked my way into the question about what could be wrong that I needed to replace and whether they had it on their web site for sale. After a few minutes, it was suggested and I concluded that it might be the hard drive.
    I put a new hard drive in and off we went. I could tell that it was going to work because even the initial screen on my restore program was different and displayed the right info and options.

    I post this in case anyone else faces the same problem and might be helped BUT mostly to say THANK YOU to all that took the time to post suggestions.

    The world may contain a lot of bad things, but nice, helpful people still exist.

    Thanks again,
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