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Mar 5, 2002
  1. Been noticing this problem ever since the first day of install. I have turned off the eye candy such as the sliding in and out, but still doesn't fix it.

    Basicly the problem is that while browsing or doing anything, then opening/closing a new window, sometimes the task bar would be completely frozen. I can't click on anything, not even the start button, then a few seconds later it would return with all my previous clicks faithfully transferred.

    I don't think I'm running anything in the background that would cause this (this was before viruscan cacheman, any spyware etc). Is my computer total messed up or is this some sort of bug with drivers etc?

    I've got an ATi Radeon 7200 PCI, no matter what driver version I try though nothing helps on this point.

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  2. ToRN

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    You're computer is busy when the taskbars hangs. It is a software problem, thus drivers or software running (in background). Try the XP tweak guide we have over here, maybe it will help. Other wise you can find out with trial and error. Disable/enable to filter down the problem.
  3. Rick

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    It's probably a program or some other 3rd party difficulty, but it would help to know your system specs.. Such as memory, CPU speed and so on.
  4. poertner_1274

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    I get this quite a bit, as I usually have TOO MANY things running at once. But if you give it time, it will get through it. Also this could be a problem with not enough ram of a slow porcessor, as Rick has suggested.
  5. Mac_Bug

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    Celery 466 with 192 megs of ram
  6. Phantasm66

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    I've found something very similar in XP using Winamp 3 beta.

    Are you running one of those? I usually find that if I shut winamp down, the problem goes...

    But that IE6 under XP seems pretty buggy as well.
  7. deeto

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  8. poertner_1274

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    Thanks for the link to a fix, and

    :wave: Welcome to TechSpot[/] :wave:
  9. dr3zack

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    I have the smae problem as Mac_bug

    R100 laptop, windows XP. Taskbar frozen when connecting to internet with dial up connection. Freezing lasts about 1 or 2 minutes. Can work with other open applications. Only sometimes internet speed very slow due to this problem.

    When frozen, taskbar is not actualized, and not any button is accesible, even not the start button.

    No Winamp installed. Installed spywareblaster and spybot.

    Desactivating norton antivirus and internet security in msconfig did not solve the problem.

    Very annoying problem.

    Any ideas?
  10. Rick

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    I've dealt with your kind of problem before. Unforutnately, I had to take the easy way out and just install a brand new modem to save time.

    I tried some different drivers, ACPI/Standard, PnP OS, Changing COM ports etc... But nothing made a difference. I replaced the customer's modem and worked like a charm.

    I'm not saying you modem is bad for sure, but it is a possibility. I bet replacing your modem with a PCMCIA card version would probably work fine if you don't find a solution to your existing problem.
  11. Tarkus

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    Mac_Bug, when it freezes, hit control-alt-del and go to task manager and check the process tab for what process is hogging the CPU. IF you can't figure how to fix it from there then get back to us with what's using up your CPU time and we may be able to figure out something to try.

    It could be that your system is just too slow and needs time to get done with something to be able to do another.
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