xpLITE / litePC >> unlocking your windows

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I'm not on this diet plan

With XPlite and 2000lite we give YOU the power to set up YOUR machine the way YOU want! The power to remove unwanted features, the power to remove upgrades that go bad, the power to strip potential security and privacy threats out by the roots.
I already do this my self for free.
there are tons of tweak guide and free utilities around.
Thks for link tho :cool:
Avoid LitePC

LitePC is a very poorly run company. I have had nothing but problems dealing with it. I made the mistake of buying three licenses because of good reviews from others. I would not do business with them ever again. There are better options, apparently, though I have not yet checked them out.

After I paid for the software, it took over two weeks to get it working due to bugs in the site. After many apologies, they finally delivered. After I used the software, it created one problem I was not able to deal with. I recently decided to retry, and again there were many problems dealing with their site. (It required that I re-validate my license online, but the site was down. When it was available, it said the license code they gave me was invalid. Unable to contact their support. FAQs said they were suspending support for the product while they work on another one....)
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