Yahoo updates e-mail client, revises apps for Android, iOS, Windows 8

Shawn Knight

TechSpot Staff
Staff member
Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer announced earlier today via blog post that the search company has updated their web-based e-mail client. The revised layout focuses on minimizing distractions and improving speed, Mayer noted. Yahoo Mail now also has new mobile apps...

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TS Rookie
Glad to see Yahoo products being updated. They undoubtedly have a large pool of loyal customers. Two recommendations: 1) Fix there login issue's. 2) Enable SSL throughout the entire session for E-mail.


TS Evangelist
This is great. can't recall how many people around me actually uses it. I bet they'd be happier if their inbox looks much streamlined, just like some of us who use outlook/hotmail.


TS Guru
I prefer the old version to the new one. I don't need the slick interface. Just my email and a few quick options.