You can buy almost every console ever made in this eBay sale -- for a million dollars


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WTF?! From the very first gaming machine to the most recent, there have been a lot of consoles manufactured over the last 50 years, especially if you include the limited-edition models. Owning almost every one of them would definitely be a talking point, and now such a thing is possible—for one million dollars.

The monstrous collection is being sold on French eBay by Kaori30. As reported by, it consists of around 2,400 consoles, which the description describes as including the first console to the most recent.

The many special editions mean there are a lot of duplicate machines in the collection, but some of these were never available to buy in stores, making them extremely rare. Most are in their boxes, and some remain sealed, which should appeal to hardcore collectors. The seller believes around 200 to 300 consoles in the collection could not be found today.

Owning almost every console ever made does not come cheap. The auction has a buy-it-now price of €984,000, or around one million US dollars. Kaori30 is also including a load of games for the consoles, some statues, and other video game memorabilia.

As per Google Translate, Kaori30's hobby over the last 25 years hasn't been smooth sailing. They started collecting consoles in the early 1990s, before these sorts of activities became popular, but they sold the entire collection at the start of the century to open a company.

Kaori30 started the current collection in the early 2000s. They stopped in 2011 due to a lack of time and the difficulty encountered in finding missing pieces. Some of the machines were sold in 2015/16, but the collector recovered almost everything that had been sold a few years later.

It's unlikely that there will be many collectors with the money or even the space to purchase the collection, though Kaori30 believes it is the largest in the world, so owning it would be a great claim to fame. They also suggest it would be a suitable collection for a museum.

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Impressive, but useless, unless the rarest of them combined are worth that price and their value could increase over time.
If NFTs have taught me anything, there will always be some ***** willing to pay over the odds for Crap that is useless.
If I was stupid rich I would absolutely own this, and probably half the toys released in the early 80's.
I just use PC emulators. In the case of something like a PS2, an emulator can produce superior graphics with the same ROM than the PS2 actually did. This is because the PCSX2 emulator can de-interlace the original PS2 image. The result is a significant improvement in image quality, like several generations of improvement.

Here's Ace Combat 5 graphics on a PS2:

Here's Ace Combat 5 graphics on a PC using the PCSX2 emulator:

This renders all of those consoles irrelevant. Now, if you just want them for the nostalgia factor... Well, I can understand it but that's still just nutz. :laughing:
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I was there in the beginning. I'd be very interested to see that list of "2,500 consoles" to see what's on it (and anything's missing.)

Does this include "non-cartridge/CD/DVD" units that stored their game(s) in firmware?

"Pong" of course, but what about early "Atari Tank Battle", Odyssey "Pong" units with "Hockey" mode (think "Foozball" meets Pong), etc?

Even "Bally" (the pinball company) tried their hand at making a console with the "Astrocade". The controller was a gun grip with a tiny knob/joystick sticking out the top. Quite ridiculous.

How about the "Fairchild Channel F" (" 'F' is for 'Fun!' ") made by same company that made electronics for the Defense Industry?

Those units would be rare finds.
Interesting but it's crazy to spend that kind of money. Most of the systems probably suck. Best to just buy the one's you know are good and keep the other $999,000 in your bank account. The older I get the more I realize is stuff is just stuff, having money is more important than stuff because money is FREEDOM from the hell the world throws at you.
It will be hard for him to let them all go; hopefully the price realized at auction will console him.