You can no longer take your electronic cigarette to the National Parks


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If you were planning on taking your e-cig with you to one of the national parks, think again. As of Monday, the National Park Service banned the use all electronic smoking devices anywhere that tobacco smoking is also prohibited in America’s 408 national parks, U.S. News reports.

In a public statement, Director Jonathan B. Jarvis said that because the health and safety of park-goers and employees is a priority, “We are therefore extending the restrictions currently in place protecting visitors and employees from exposure to tobacco smoke to include exposure to vapor from electronic smoking devices."

The new restrictions mean that e-cigarettes and all other “electronic nicotine delivery systems” aren’t allowed within government-owned (or leased) facilities and vehicles, or at the concessions facilities at the national parks. Basically, if there’s a no smoking sign it means no vaping too.

Why the new and stringent policy? The National Park Service said in the statement that e-cigarette vapor contains about one-tenth the level of nicotine found in secondhand smoke from regular cigarettes. And even though it’s significantly lesser, they still have a problem with it.

If e-cigarettes are starting to feel picked on, the National Park Service recently took issue with personal drones too. Those flying objects were banned at Yosemite National Park in May because they might interfere with the animals at the park.

But after Lake Tahoe U.S. Forest Service officials had to stop people from taking selfies with bears, it's fair to say that park-goers have lost some credibility.

Image credit: Vaping man by Marc Bruxelle

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I'm from the government, and I'm here to help you.

Stupid government...gotta be up in everyone's face about something, because they think they are
smarter than you.
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I can understand the drone ban since those things annoy the hell out of me at times I can't even imagine what it does to animals but to ban e-cigs is just dumb.
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These damn things are a gimmick anyway. I've quit smoking twice in my life, these things would have only made it harder to quit. What is the phrase used by Yoda, "Do Or do not. There is no try!".
I tried cold turkey, patches and the gum, I failed with all of those. I got a vape and lowered the nicotine content over the course of about a year. Now I only use it when I drink which is 2-3 times a month now. I have been smoke free for 2 and a half years now and barely touch my vape anymore.

I guess everyone is different, but vaping was a miracle cure for quitting smoking. I agree that they are a bit silly, but I don't think they are as gimmicky as a lot of people make it out to be. I commend anyone who is able to quit smoking cold turkey, but for me vaping was the little push I needed


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These damn things are a gimmick anyway. I've quit smoking twice in my life, these things would have only made it harder to quit. What is the phrase used by Yoda, "Do Or do not. There is no try!".
Have you ever used one? I'm not talking about the cheap gas station throw aways, or the cheap evod batteries, but have you ever tried a proper mechanical or variable wattage vape mod of good quality, with a good quality ejuice?


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If you really want to quit smoking just go to jail or prison where they don't allow smoking (which is every one of them now I think)
I wish these morons would stop referring to Vaporizers as e-Cigarettes. E-cigarettes are to Cigarettes like a bicycle is to a car. Yes they both have wheels and everyone uses them, but they are two completely different things with different rules governing them.

I use a Vaporizer so I am not bound by any e-Cigarette Laws, which have yet to be defined might I remind people!! They are attempting to make the rules up as they go along.

See below:

noun: cigarette; plural noun: cigarettes; noun: cigaret; plural noun: cigarets
a thin cylinder of finely cut tobacco rolled in paper for smoking.
synonyms: filter tip, king-size; More
an object similar to a cigarette containing a narcotic or herbal substance.

electronic cigarette
noun: electronic cigarette; plural noun: electronic cigarettes
a cigarette-shaped device containing a nicotine-based liquid that is vaporized and inhaled, used to simulate the experience of smoking tobacco.
"more smokers are turning to electronic cigarettes to help them quit smoking"

noun: vaporizer; plural noun: vaporizers; noun: vaporiser; plural noun: vaporisers
a device that generates a particular substance in the form of vapour, especially for medicinal inhalation.

Even the classification of e-Cigarette is absurd. Basically then if your Vaporizer is not 'Cigarette Shaped' they can go F*** themselves and they cannot stop someone from Vaping when the liquid is Nicotine free.

They will need to enforce rules where no one is allowed to take any kind of inhalants, medical or otherwise now.

Im off 20+ a day for 16 years thanks to mine and I will 'Vape' where I please, thank you very much.

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Thankfully we can just drip it on our tongue since nicotine is absorbed from the mouth and throat, not the lungs, and they would have to ban any containers with anything in them. Obviously the law makes no sense until we consider it as corporate bootlicking to appease some big tobacco pinhead, probably half-heartedly inspired and soon to be forgotten, unless ofcourse stubborn ecig users make it into a big deal...
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