You can now use your Android devices as a hardware security key for Google account logins...


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To enable the feature, you simply download Google's "Smart Lock" app on iOS. Upon doing so, any attempts to log into your Google account will automatically send a verification request over to your Android device of choice.

It seems likely that there will be a few ways to verify a login request, but the default option appears to require you to hold down your Android phone's volume button for a couple of seconds.

This idea might seem a bit worthless to anyone who only owns a single smartphone (in either camp), but there are scenarios where it could be helpful. If you happen to prefer Apple-branded tablets, for example, but exclusively use Android smartphones (and carry both around with you), this makes logging into your Google account quickly and securely on said tablet just a bit more convenient.

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This is of minimal value and adds needless hassle to the simple step of logging into one's account. How about actively enforcing secure password creation? A solidly secure password is far more effective and easier to implement and use...
It is just another way for Google to try to inculcate itself in people's lives.


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This is so pathetic. 2 factor authentication is doing that already without the need for an Android

I guess Google expects us to carry 2 devices...SMH
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